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Poochyena by huiro Poochyena :iconhuiro:huiro 101 3 landscape by polosatkin landscape :iconpolosatkin:polosatkin 1,885 62 Castlerock by andreasrocha Castlerock :iconandreasrocha:andreasrocha 3,291 47 Best Friends by ryky Best Friends :iconryky:ryky 4,357 78
Angels in the Rain
we're crowned with a majestic pair of wide spread
wings where angels sing of beautiful things,
and things not so bright.
While we fly through the blackened skies,
respiring moist breaths of our frustration
with it all, and watch with furious inability
as it comes crackling, and crashing.
Bellowing sobs that never come,
billowing lungs flap in the wind, singing
sorrow and yet their song is still unsung,
and tears that have every right, that will
never run, run a river inside, and patiently,
carve away at every hopeful angle.
So all we can do is fume in the blazing wind
and express our rage, our cousin wren, who's feathers
singed red hot in the shouting match of gods, but what else can
we do?
They're struck down in flurry, of hailstones, and hell-stones,
and sit dying through the roaring of the clouds, who angrily slam
the bucket upside down, and allow the rushing tide to slowly choke
them out, and they all slowly drown.
we're crowned with a pair of widespread wings, where angels sing,
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Never Never Land
years ago I could sit down in a chair, and stare and stare into a space that wasn't really there, reflecting on things with friends who never really care about what we actually said. "in my experience" was our motto because that's all that actually mattered to us. reality was a standard that we would use to measure ourselves by, while spinning lie, after lie, after lie. we breathed in air, and exhaled stories until the space was filled with experience as real to ourselves as the bright reflection of the screen that I was staring at.
we didn't care about each other, but not for lack of imagination. The truth is we never cared if anyone else cared back, we just got jazzed feeling the feelings of the world we said we felt.
we were the lost boys and the screen was peter pan, and all the innocent pain and growth, woven lovingly with our minds and hearts upon our fingertips was a neverland.
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Notes and Words by iya-chen Notes and Words :iconiya-chen:iya-chen 3,731 61 The Hero by ryky The Hero :iconryky:ryky 5,901 124 The Happy Secret to Better Work by vivsters The Happy Secret to Better Work :iconvivsters:vivsters 7 2
Decor Intus Maeror
I feel as if I have knowledge of my fate,
entering realms so often sought by others,
mythical lands with torrents of magic,
streaming throughout the world, so sacred.
Forlornness is my only solitude in the world
in which I could never belong.
Moments of recognition bless or curse my
ageless days, splashing me with cold after
-tastes of what I believe was my own past.
Stuck in a limbo void of clueless journeys.
A human's life with clues to escapades,
but never the ability to follow one's heart,
soul and wisdom.
Queries of everlasting theories, yearnings
to find the answers of that in which would
save me, with the shrewish feeling that I
must save myself. This anguish I bring
upon me, just to reignite that unspeakable,
ache. One that reminds me of the significance
in emotions but also the need to be numb.
And each moment, each shuddering breath
taken, I realise that this is but a partial
memoir one so barely worthy of deliberation
but one in which knows and feels more than
this world
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Nightmare Before Christmas - color by vivsters Nightmare Before Christmas - color :iconvivsters:vivsters 480 37
Never Give Up
I will never give up,
until our days are done.
I will never give up,
until out goes the sun.
I will never give up,
on you, and on me,
I will never give up,
Oh my sweet, why can't you see?
You mean more to me,
than anything else I posses.
And you mean more to me,
than myself; I mean less.
You mean more to me,
than the smile on my face,
and you mean more to me,
than the whole human race.
For you are my weakness,
my love, my desire.
For as long as I fight for you,
this raging heart shall never tire.
For you I will move mountains,
impossible I will defeat.
For you I will build fountains,
and I shall never retreat.
For I shall never give up,
never now, never then.
I shall never give up,
ever, ever, ever; amen.
For life is too cruel,
for two lovers apart.
It is all too short,
so I entrust you with my heart.
So take my hand,
and together we shall soar,
take my hand,
and together this world we shall abhor.
I will never give up,
until our days are done.
I will never give up,
until out goes the
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My Masquerade
~My Masquerade~
For the world I am displayed;
They always watch but cannot see
through my masquerade.
I feel every moment fly;
My heart is beating, pulse racing,
breath held as I lie.
My innocence I can't defend;
I know that surely this will linger
'til my very end.
I brought this all upon myself;
Mask upon mask, lie upon lie
like valueless wealth.
Dare I take these masks off – no!
My former self haunts me
everywhere I go.
False glory, false honor, false fame;
With all these masks I seem to have
forgotten my own name.
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Lion by Oogymcgloogy Lion :iconoogymcgloogy:Oogymcgloogy 4 0 My Guitar by vivsters My Guitar :iconvivsters:vivsters 466 102
I am the child
I am the child that you teased today,
You made me feel bad and mad,
Your words haunted me into the night,
Crept into my dreams and tortured me,
Those words you said cut deep and true,
Stuck like glue and made me fell so stupid,
I have feelings just like you and they can be hurt too,
So please don't get your pleasure from my pain.
:iconice-sister:Ice-sister 1 1
The artwork done by these people are amazing!



Once upon a time,
Time was ceaseless.  
There I mounted,
The place I feel content?
Drifting in a world of hope.
Engulfed in the fantasy where
No, it’s not a dream.
Serenity. Living in skies.
Solitude. Clock hands point towards infinity.

But dreams are not meant to last forever.
Engulfed, a lonesome observer.
Embedded in the code of living,
We were lost. I stood firmly
Awaiting. Awaiting my death.
Trapped in the abyss of animation. I accept
The invocation of the demons.
Perhaps it’s time. Swords out
Surrender to our fate.

Sometimes what’s ephemeral is unwavering.
A firm system impossible to tear down,
Creates chaos, so impenetrable.
I’m still here, held.
Contained in the reality where
Finiteness. The merciless passage of time,
Are but virtual freedoms shown to us.

The log out button, it’s still missing... .. .
Living, Am I?
lol hi, heres something i wrote a while ago. might catch some anime references in there 


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There have been so many predictions on the date at which the world would end, including:

-2800, -634, 1000, 1600, 1658, 1700, 1794, 1836, 1843, 1844, 1899, 1910, 1914, 1936, 1982, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2011, and now 2012 (C.G.P Grey).

And of course, everyone now believes that December 21, 2012 is the real deal...

Now, where did this date come from? This date came from the Mayan calendar, which recorded not only days and years, but cycles of about 5 millennia. And, the Mayans recording of thousands of years to the future happens to stop at the date of December 21, 2012. Now, can we assume that the end of a calendar is equal to the end of the world? Is it even logical to assume this?

Along with this, the end of the world means just the end of our planet Earth. What is the possibility that these unusual scientific phenomena (or at least as I have heard it) will occur solely onto our planet Earth? And most of all, how can anyone predict this in depth end to only our world, through scientific means? Actually, scratch that, how would the Mayans predict the end of the world through scientific means? I'm pretty sure we are making quite a large assumption that the Mayans would foresee and predict the end of the world, when they couldn't foresee and predict the Spanish crossing the atlantic.

There have been sayings: Alien invasions, a collision with the not even known Planet X, or even geomagnetic reversal, which occurs over a longer period of time than one day.

In fact, everyone has been asking so many questions about it, NASA wrote a question and answer page for everyone. Check it out.…

But of course, this time, theres gonna be some unusual and out of the ordinary happening. Just this time. Just because it is December 21st, 2012.

P.S. - There will be a winter solstice, so don't get freaked out about that.
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